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Tip #1 for Running a Successful Business in the South

While cities like New York and Miami are gaining popularity with successful companies, southern cities like Atlanta and Savannah, GA are beginning to brim with their own premiere business culture. In addition, smaller-sized cities throughout the South are beginning to serve as go-to spots for young entrepreneurs, emerging businesses, and expanding corporations since great ideas stand out more, and business costs are typically lower. But, how can business owners and managers in the south be sure their companies will see the success that others have found elsewhere? Although business environments differs across regions of the country, running a business in the south requires a slightly different approach to company culture than other parts of the country. Apply this basic step to be on your way to becoming a Southern Success.

BridgeBuider Co-Founder, DeWayne Johnson, leads a consulting workshop on Vamping Microsoft Word for business.

Tip #1

Embrace the Southern Culture!