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6 Strategies To Stay Motivated Within Business


Our company has had a pretty good, respectable start as a new local business and has experienced consistent positive feedback throughout 2016. As co-founders of BridgeBuilder Education & Investments, I would say that we have had more impact personally and professionally with other business owners, colleagues, and our community than we have in the past 10 plus years of our careers. That does not mean our exposure developed with fortune out of thin air. It has indeed taken daily actions and intentional practices, which we continue to perform, in order to keep the momentum going. The beauty of running your own business is that you are directly responsible for your business development and growth. There are some basic and even out-of-the-box ways to assist in your company’s growth and direction. Staying motivated is key along the way and even most important in times of doubt. The following are tips and strategies from BridgeBuilder Education & Investments to maintain a laser-like focus and remain on-track for continual success as a business or individual.

1. Feed your Inner Being. Professionally, the only way to do this is surrounding yourself with people who are positive and being able to discern when others are not wholeheartedly for your best interest. It is important to constantly place yourself within environments that lift you up. Conversely, stay away from energies that keep you on the wavelength of “fear” and “cannot”. These feelings create mental limitations that seem impossible to break. Positive self-talk can lead to uncovering alternative to what may seem impossible. “Not now” is a whole lot easier to digest than “Never”.

It may sound odd, but my personal mantra is, “The Universe is conspiring for me.” I am a believer in all good things are coming my way and that is the manner that we lead our business. It is through these words of encouragement that we uncover the path to our success as it is revealed over time. Whether you speak them aloud, say them quietly, or write them down, positive phrases can override any negativity and totally change your business experience.

2. Know The Big Picture. It can be easy to forget this in the midst of our daily routines. However, make an effort everyday to remind yourself why you do what you do in your business. Create a “realistic” vision board for yourself so that you can see imaged plans of the goals that you have set for yourself, and hang it somewhere that you can see it each day. Take a minute to recharge your source of motivation. Recalling why I choose to consult other businesses reenergizes me!

3. Ask For Help. When you have reached a hurdle or something isn’t working, stop and ask for advice or assistance. Ask your supervisor, a mentor, and even your consultant. This is the area in which we specialize at BridgeBuilder Education & Investments. We help companies get over their hurdles and challenges by providing insight and strategies in order to get through difficulties. Sometimes allowing someone with a different perspective and/or additional experience to shed light on the challenge can make a world of difference and considerably shorten the amount of time and resources that you would otherwise consume trying to get through a situation on your own. When you reach a rough patch, keeping your head down until the dust settles can sometimes mean the difference in growing your business to the next level or conceding to failure in your business. Receiving consultation can at least provide clarity for you and can potentially lead to a brighter, more successful path in business.

4. Find Your Motivation. When I need to be encouraged, I pick up The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. The book inspires me and reminds me that no matter what, you are a magnetic attraction to your thoughts and you have the capability to bring into your reality the abundance of the Universe. What books, quotes, or people inspire you? Another strategy you can take advantage of is to focus on smaller goals and wins as quick confidence boosters.

Understanding that challenges are part of the growth process and having an inspired mindset that looks beyond the challenges is the principle to triumph. Your struggles should be viewed as stepping stones to the ultimate victory. Being continually inspired and unshaken is your ticket to success. You have to be crazy enough to declare victory in the middle of the most unbelievable challenge. Extraordinary success is experienced by those who prepare to take on the craziest challenges. Do not allow setbacks to water your dreams down to “normal”. Dream big and bold. Then move confidently into your future and actively prepare for success.

“Courage is the fruit of a decision made in the heart.”

- African Proverb

5. Use Your Passion. What is your passion beyond your business? Even if you have one passion, that’s good! It can be as simple as gardening or going for walks alone. For me it’s being around others, performing creative projects, and helping others succeed. I do not depend on others to do it, and I create my own opportunities in order to achieve these passions. The importance of your hobby or passion is it changes your perception when you may feel low or heavy-hearted. A hobby can also be used to guide you toward your life purpose or motive in business. Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Passion is what develops a craftsman out of a room full of carpenters.

Don’t just get things done. Get things done RIGHT. Passionately pay attention to the details. Show others that you care through your works. Passion will energize you and attract the right people to you (partners, employees, customers, clients).

6. Help Someone Else. Do not become too intently focused on yourself and your business. Intentionally look for ways to help someone else, complete those honorable projects, and continually perform these acts. Not only does giving back help others in their experience, it also can be a source of inspiration for you. The frequency of love and assistance is infectious. Others will soon begin to follow your lead and jump on board to support your goals. Seek platforms (or create one) to donate your time, your energy, your love and support to others.

Remember the Law of Attraction whenever you need a little motivation!

DeWayne Johnson, PMP ( is a Co-Founder and Business Management Consultant with BridgeBuilder Education & Investments, which provides consulting for businesses interested in ways to improve process, strategy, leadership, and staff development. For more information, please visit

You can ‘like’ the company on Facebook: and ‘follow’ them on Twitter: @BBEInvestments. You can also connect with DeWayne Johnson on LinkedIn.

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