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6 Strategies To Stay Motivated Within Business


Our company has had a pretty good, respectable start as a new local business and has experienced consistent positive feedback throughout 2016. As co-founders of BridgeBuilder Education & Investments, I would say that we have had more impact personally and professionally with other business owners, colleagues, and our community than we have in the past 10 plus years of our careers. That does not mean our exposure developed with fortune out of thin air. It has indeed taken daily actions and intentional practices, which we continue to perform, in order to keep the momentum going. The beauty of running your own business is that you are directly responsible for your business development and growth. There are some basic and even out-of-the-box ways to assist in your company’s growth and direction. Staying motivated is key along the way and even most important in times of doubt. The following are tips and strategies from BridgeBuilder Education & Investments to maintain a laser-like focus and remain on-track for continual success as a business or individual.

1. Feed your Inner Being. Professionally, the only way to do this is surrounding yourself with people who are positive and being able to discern when others are not wholeheartedly for your best interest. It is important to constantly place yourself within environments that lift you up. Conversely, stay away from energies that keep you on the wavelength of “fear” and “cannot”. These feelings create mental limitations that seem impossible to break. Positive self-talk can lead to uncovering alternative to what may seem impossible. “Not now” is a whol