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Full Service Property Management

We will handle all things related to the property from A to Z.
In addition to our Express Service Leasing Management, BridgeBuilder Education & Investments will apply the following Management Services for you and your property.

Management Services

  • Money Management
    • All monies from your property(s) go into an account maintained for you
    • Payments and rental statements will be electronically disbursed no later than the 15th of each month, depending on when rents are received
    • When the tenant renews, there is a 2-5% rent increase
  • Tenant Management
    • Enforce Terms of the Lease
    • Collect rent
    • Handle bounced/NSF checks
    • Handle eviction process
    • Handle move-out inspections
  • Property Management
    • Handle all tenant calls regarding property
    • 24 hr Emergency service
    • Handle all maintenance issues
    • Hire and oversee vendors and contractors
    • Perform bi-weekly lawn service


  • You pay no management fee if the tenant does not pay rent

  • You pay no management fee while the property is vacant

  • If your tenant moves out prior to 6 months into the lease, we will replace the tenant free of charge.

    • *Exceptions: Military-ordered relocations or early termination by the owner.

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