Client Case Study

Valdosta Early College Academy

​Coding is a tool for empowerment, and through this scholarship, we propel students to become innovators in STEM. Our Introduction to Computer Science & Coding was implemented weekly from January 2017 to April 2017 at Valdosta Early College Academy (VECA). The following observations and results have been collected from the 8th Grade Partner Teacher:


  • The students were very new to programming but were able to relate with several examples. The example of an audio engineer during a musical recording session was explained to help students relate to a particular Python coding concept. The partner teacher also felt the sessions with block coding helped students become more comfortable with their overall understanding.

  • The students were able to relate and execute a lot faster as the sessions increased through the use of visual block programming language, Scratch.  Students were able to perform with an increased level of complexity, using advanced text and visual block coding.

  • Students eventually were able to jump directly into using hands-on “text” versus “block” coding. The partner teacher liked the functionality and level of problem solving challenge of the activities. As a result, we agreed to continue the use of text-based coding activities that increase in challenge levels for the students.

  • By the twelfth session, students were able to get through all of the coding activities at a much faster pace. Thus, were able to complete an additional coding activity;  introducing HTML and CSS programming languages to increase their level of understanding.

  • The students were introduced to the JavaScript language and were even able to complete activities that included creating their own video games.

According to the Client, “I overheard my  students talking about how they are looking forward to your coding class.”

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