Client Case Study

Pinevale Elementary School

The BridgeBuilder Education and Investments Academic Partnering Program understands the importance of combining supplemental knowledge, interactive presentations, enthusiastic engagement in order to keep children excited about learning.  That's what led BridgeBuilder Education and Investments to initiate a youth program effort in partnership with Pinevale Elementary School in Valdosta, Georgia.  Both partners agreed to initiate the program for a targeted third grade class containing approximately twenty (20) students. Our efforts tie into a curriculum-based theme while enhancing student behavior, grades, and attendance.

During the initial months of August 2016 to October 2016, the BridgeBuilder Academic Partnering Program has provided impacting sessions that have covered the following enrichment activities:

  • Self Introductions

  • First Impressions

  • Leadership & Leaders

  • Respect for Diversity & Traditions

  • Phonics

  • Multiplication Strategies

As listed above, the initial sessions allowed the students to increase their confidence through character building practices and we then started introducing strategies that helped them academically.  In other words, we build them up so that they feel good about themselves, their peers, and our presence; then use that as a catapult towards their academic standards. 

According to the client, "The students now display a newfound confidence when speaking to teachers, administration, classmates, and other adults.  There is a dramatic improvement in class participation.  Students that do not usually participate are raising their hands to answer questions."

We believe in the notion that success is supported and achieved through routine monitoring. Therefore, BridgeBuilder Education & Investments formally meets with the school administration and/or teacher to discuss  the following agenda items:

  • Overall Program Participation

  • Status of the Program 

  • Stakeholder Feedback 

  • Plans for Improvement

  • Decision to Embark in Follow-On Session

In order to maintain the success of the program, BridgeBuilder Education & Investments captures feedback during each pre-meeting, session, and post-meeting.  The main purpose of the feedback is to gather the results of student behavior, classroom grades, and session participation.  From the months of August to October 2016, the following observations and results have been collected through meetings directly with the classroom teacher at Pinevale Elementary School.


  • The classroom teacher stated he was impressed with our presentation and reaction from his students.

  • The BridgeBuilder student affirmation routinely included within the presentation was copied and is now displayed in the front of teacher's classroom for students to recite each day.

  • The teacher informed us that one of his students had troubled behavioral issues last year. However, during our BridgeBuilder sessions, that student has consistently demonstrated good behavior and manners.  He also practiced his self introduction to another teacher using the methods he learned during one of our exercises!

  • The teacher stated the leadership exercises were great and that he was pleasantly surprised of the overall reaction from his students.

  • One student in the program is grasping things she has not normally been able to grasp. She demonstrated good behavior and has started to be very engaged in class.

  • Another student was excited to see that she was able to relate to the Respect for Diversity & Traditions due to her family hosting a live-in foreign exchange student.

  • The teacher and his parent volunteer for the day stated they really enjoyed our Diversity & Traditions session and felt the topic was beneficial, relatable, and creatively interactive to each of the students.

  • We noticed also a student’s handwriting in the beginning of our exercises for Multiplication Strategies was written very small with a little participation. After recognizing and providing attentive engagement during our activities, his handwriting was noticeably larger towards the middle and end of our exercises. The teacher attributed this to the student feeling increasingly confident with the math and reading using our approach and exercises.

  • One of the most amazing experiences was from a student who demonstrated very intelligent responses throughout the exercises. This student had made great progress in class, as well as for assignments, tests and good behavior as a correlation to the BridgeBuilder program.

  • The teacher and his assistant have both noticed that our sessions have had an amazing personal impact on all of their students beyond the dates we visited their classroom.

  • According to the teacher, all students have grown in their level of confidence and respect for themselves as well as others when performing in the classroom.  


Overall, the students within this class have demonstrated improvements in classwork, quizzes and tests thanks to the BridgeBuilder Education and Investments Academic Partnering Program.  We are looking forward to how far these students can go with our continued engagement.

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